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Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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Pool Vacuum Cleaner 3' 11"




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This powerful pool vacuum lifts debris off the floor; which helps your garden and swimming pool area remain sludge and deposit free. By connecting it to a garden hose; the vacuum lifts mud and debris with ease.

After the water has been cleaned in the collection bag; it flows back into the pool. Mud and debris are left behind in the collection bag. The debris or dirt can be easily removed if the sleeve is full. The pole can be adjusted to different lengths for multiple cleaning applications.

  • Length: 3' 11"
  • Length of the Base: Approx. 4' 2"
  • Width of the Base: Approx. 5"
  • Screw; Anodized Aluminum Rod and 1/2" hose connecter included.
  • Fabric: Polyester: 100%
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