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2 Latex Exercise Resistance Band - 2-Section Sticks

2 Latex Exercise Resistance Band - 2-Section Sticks

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pilates reformer is Greatly designed with 2 nature resistance bands, 2-Section assembly Removable design for any fitness level with an all-in-one full-body workout. A powerful, durable, potable and multi-functional home gym equipment.

Comes with 2-Section Removable 15'-bars made of solid iron pipe, firm and durable, and quickly assemble into a 46.4' long bar by simply twisting the threaded ends together, easy storage and portability for women and men to use at home, gym, office, or travel. A comfortable EVA foam cover provides a non-slip & anti-sweat grip.

Pilates stick features 2 pics nature latex resistance bands that can be stretched to 6 times its length without breaking. Simply roll the tubes around the bar to reach your desired amount of tension for a variety of exercises for an all-over-body yoga strength workout.

Pilates stick is designed as an all-in-one gym equipment without the gym to shape body, build muscle, lose weight, and provide a crossfit workout. Tones arms, chest, abs, glutes, legs and butt.Simulates various gym equipment with an all-in-one complete workout- squats, bench press, curls, rowing, etc.


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