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Dual Channel EMS TENS MachineUnit 24

Dual Channel EMS TENS MachineUnit 24

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PROFESSIONAL PAIN RELIEF MACHINE: The electronic tens device brings non-invasive pain-relief method for home uses. 24 pre-programmed massage modes provide precise control for pain relaxation and soothing muscle stiffness, just as a real human massage does.

REAL AB DUAL CHANNEL: Comparing with other dual channel TENS massagers which can’t change modes separately, this rechargeable electric muscle massager can set separate modes and intensities for channel A and channel B

MEMORY FUNCTION & ACCIDENTAL TOUCH PREVENTION: NURSAL electronic TENS device save your time! Thanks to the exclusive function, NURSAL nerve stimulator remembers and sets the massage mode you have applied last time in a flash.

24 MODES & 20 INTENSITY LEVELS: NURSAL TENS unit incorporates 6 main therapy modes(each with 4 sub-modes) to efficiently alleviate body soreness, provides diversified pain relief patterns and suit healing different body parts such as neck, back, shoulder and waist.

14 STRONG ADHESIVE THICKER REUSABLE ELECTRODE PADS: The wireless TENS is equipped with premium quality pads firmly attached them to your skin.



Records Your Last Using Mode


NURSAL dual channel TENS Unit smartly records your habits of use and the mode you are using the most. It is a reliable friend that relieves your pain, gives you delicate therapy, and instant comfort

Rechargebale Battery Offers Long Use


You can enjoy it for several days with no need to charge it frequently. Don't worry about treatment interruption because of dead AA batteries again.

Continuous and Steady Stimulation


It is a unique physical therapy sub-mode that allows relieving body pain gradually. It offers steady current that generate electrical pulses moving through the skin to nearby nerves to block the pain, thus the TENS unit reduces the sensation of pain.

Prevent Accidental Touch Issues


It enables accidental touch protection to avoid any "clicks" that are made inadvertently such as mode change, intensity level adjustments, or timer switch. The lock screen feature saves the TENS unit power, keeps its screen turned off, and eliminates accidental touch issues.

Professional and Prompt Support


NURSAL has independent support team to answer customers' questions and help solve problems. They will also classify and conclude all the confusions about products.

Compact and Portable on the Go!


This compact TENS come with a dust-proof pouch, and is portable and convenient to take with you so you can enjoy a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere! Indeed, it is small enough to fit into your pocket but powerful enough to bring you total body relaxation.

About 1/2 wire and 1/4 wire use tips:

1. For this 1/2 wire. please plug them in on either side of the pad.

2. For 1/4 wire, please make sure to use at least 1 pc white +1 pc blue line at the time to make sure one is for positive and another is negative.



1. Please turn off the device before you touch the pads.

2. Not suitable for pregnant women, or heart disease and hypertension patients.

3. Not safe for people with pacemakers.

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