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Elastic volleyball resistance band set

Elastic volleyball resistance band set

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This volleyball training equipment aid guides the ball back after every swing so that spend more time hitting volley balls and less time chasing them. No need for interrupting the training in order to fetch the ball, which allows for hours of practice without the need of another person.

Enhances the player's touch, setting, spiking, serving overhand or underhand, arm swing passing, ball control and throw-ins, which can simply warm up before your match or improve your volleyball game skills better.

This strap cushion fits comfortably around waist, protecting your waist better. It can be adjusted to accommodate different waist sizes for most players. Elastic cord gives you ample length to even hit overhand jump serves and spikes without the ball bouncing back into your face.

Use the adjustable straps with plastic knob reinforces to rest firmly on palm to reinforce proper hand placement on ball to standardize the hand action or reduce fouls while setting to avoid touching the ball during the training.

Designed with ball pouch that can be adjusted to hold any size sports balls such as volleyball, football, beach volleyball, water polo, even a basketball. Great practice equipment for all experience levels from beginners to experts.


1. Allow players to maximize the number of touches on the ball with more mobility.

2. You could practice by your own in your own backyard, home or garden without the need for a large gym, hard court, volleyball net or soccer net.

3. It could also be used on soccer, which can easily serve the ball and have it land right back at your feet.

4. Ball pouch accommodates all volleyball sizes, from youth to adult.

5. With the help of this training tool, you are able to feel the right technique and develop muscle memory within a short time, which is helpful to improve your skills at serving, digging, and setting in the shortest time.



It is helpful make your fingers have the ability to control the ball and make the ball transfer more in place if you cooperate with the finger pull trainer.


Easy To Assemble:

It is easy to use, just connect the waist belt and the ball pouch by the elastic cord. Fix the ball on the pouch by self adhesive tape strip, and fasten the waist belt.


Package Included

1 x Elastic Cord

1 x Waist Band

1 x Ball Pouch

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