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100% Electric Mobility Scooter Loaded | Brand New | Fast Free Shipping

100% Electric Mobility Scooter Loaded | Brand New | Fast Free Shipping

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This Four wheels electric mobile scooter allows people with mobility limitations to move around freely and do their errands and groceries in a easy way with a modern and technology filled device.

This model has many features and here a few of them:

✓ Long lasting battery: Each full charge lasts 10 - 16 miles! It depends on some factors such as weight carried, elevation degree of the hills and amount of time spent riding on hills x flat surfaces.

✓ Very Intuitive and important Controls on the dashboard/control panel:

  • Speed Control adjuster
  • Battery life level display
  • Horn button
  • Power On/Off  key switch with green light indicator
  • Forward/Reverse Controls
  • Easily Accessible Battery recharging port
  • Easily Accessible USB devices recharging port
  • Easily Accessible Cup Holder

✓ Automatic brakes mechanism uses friction-induced wheels to prevent slipping down surfaces.

✓ Fully Easy Adjustable:

  • Steering control easily adjusts its tilting for longer/shorter arms
  • The seat adjusts its height for taller/shorter person
  • Armrests adjusts its width horizontally for skinny/curvy person
  • Retractable armrests for easy hop-in/hop-out from a side-parked wheelchair/bed.
  • Swivel seat for easy hop-in/hop-out from a side-parked wheelchair/bed. Seat can be rotated 360°

✓ Speeds limit of up to 5 MPH (8 KM/h) for quicker moving around for safety and comfort.
✓ Weight Capacity of 265 lbs.
✓ Climbing Capacity of 8º Degree roads/surfaces.
✓ Quick and easy assembly/disassembly with no tools needed, basket, battery pack and seat are easy to install in seconds with bare hands for maximum convenience and fast use.
✓ Front-mounted carrying basket
✓ USB Charging port to charge up your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watches etc... while on-the-go.
✓ Simple and Practical travel: It fits in most SUV's trunks and trucks' beds, just by using its easy, simple and quick 4 points folding to make it smaller and fit in your car's trunk.
 6 hours fast charging it's perfect for overnight full charging
✓ Ultimate Safety and Comfort: Spring Suspension shocks for a more smooth and comfortable ride experience.
✓ Sturdy One-Piece body frame for stronger and more stable riding experience.
✓ Flipping Backwards Protection: Safety Wheels on the lower back prevents the equipment from flipping backwards while in use adding an extra layer of protection for the rider and its loads.
✓ Freewheel Function/Battery-Free Parking: A manual operation is possible thanks to the lever that disables the battery operated motor and frees the wheels to allow for a manual moving of the equipment for parking and storing.
✓ Powerful motor 24V/300W
✓ A Front Bumper that's strong and also functions as a grabbing handle for lifting/moving when storing or packing in a trunk for traveling.
✓ 9" Inches Large & Comfortable Non-Pneumatic Tires (Non-Inflatable tires)
✓ Rear Pouch: An extra storage pouch in the back of the seat rest, for storing light and small objects/papers.

When Fully Assembled it measures:

  • 36.6" inches in height in the front
  • 35.4" inches in the back
  • 20" inches in width
  • 44" inches in length

✓ Seat height: 16.9" inches
✓ Bottom Stepping platform height from the ground: 4.7" inches

One year manufacturer warranty
30 days manufacturer satisfaction guarantee

With all these functionalities, all these features, safety and convenience X its awesome price makes this mobility scooter one of the best (if not the best!) and most affordable mobility scooter out there today!

Hurry! We don't have many of them in stock right now and we don't know when we'll have more coming in.


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