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Portable Sauna Silver

Portable Sauna Silver

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- Complete Sauna Kit - Portable sauna kit with steam pot; chair and remote control includes all the necessaries you need for a comfortable sauna; so you can unpack to use at home when you receive it

- Easy Assembly & Disassembly - Fast connecting frame for quick installation within 10 minutes and when not in use; detachable design for saving your space and easy storage; Carry bag makes sauna spa experience available in different places

- Customizable Sauna Experience - 6 automatic timer options and 9 levels temperature (Min. 110°F - Max. 149°F) adjustment help you achieve beauty and relaxation effects; such as weight loss & increasing blood circulation; With herbal box for you to put herbs or aroma essential oil like lavender for bringing fragrance and improving sauna experience

- Easy to Operate - Equipped with a 2 L capacity steam pot with digital display for clear observation of time countdown and temperature; Remote control for quick turning on/off; time setting and temperature adjustment; ETL and UL certified for ensuring safety

- Zippered Hand Holes & Large Size Chair - Zippered hand holes allow to reach out your hand for entertainment like playing games and watching videos on your mobile phone while enjoying a sauna; Cotton cover with waterproof layer to prevent steam penetration; Large foldable chair of 13 3/4" x 13 9/16" x 23 1/4" with 198 Lbs load capacity suits most people

- High-quality Material - Made of waterproof cotton cover to prevent heat loss; ensuring a safe steam sauna experience in constant warmth

- Multi functions - Provides health benefits for you such as skin improvement; promoting sound sleep; reducing stress and increasing overall energy level; Perfectly fit for home use and RV travel




- Unfolded Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 30 5/16" x 34 1/4" x 39 3/4" (77 x 87 x 101 cm)

- Chair Unfolded Dimension(LxWxH): 13 3/4" x 13 9/16" x 23 1/4" (35 x 34.5 x 59 cm)

- Voltage: 110 V

- Power: 800 W

- Steam Pot Capacity: Max. 2 L

- Chair Load Capacity: Max. 198 Lbs (90 kg)

- Sauna Room Temperature:Min. 110°F/43°C - Max. 149°F/65°C

- Adjustable Timer: 10-20-30-40-50-60 Minutes

- Adjustable Temperature: P1 to P9 (Recommended to preheat with P9; and lower it to P5 before entering)

- Material: Tent: Cotton Cover; Plastic Tubes; Chair: Metal Tubes; Fabrics

- Net Weight: 13.22 Lbs (6 kg)


Package Contents:


- 1x Sauna Kit

- 1x Folding Chair

- 1x Steam Pot

- 1x Remote Control

- 1x Mat

- 1x Herbal Box with Steam Tube

- 1x Steam Tube

- 1x Anti-bending Spring

- 1x Carrying Bag

- 1x Manual



- Before using this product; please make sure all of the steam tubes are not bent since it would block the flow of steam. As results; it may make the steam tubes pop off and hot steam stray out; causing scalding and other bodily injuries. Make sure the steam tubes are placed straight. If you find they are bent; turn off the power and let them thoroughly cool down first before adjusting their positions.


Notes: Attention: Ebay MAP:$89.9; Other platform MAP: $89.9.

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